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Why choose an Electric Garage Door for your home?

Is your manual garage door too heavy or unreliable? It’s time for an upgrade!

Unlike Up and Over garage doors, electric roller garage doors allow you to have full use of your driveway and have head space too, as the slats roll up into the top box, saving you space inside and outside your garage. There’s no need for lifting, the electric garage doors we supply and install can be opened using a remote control.

Electric garage doors are not only practical, they’re also secure and energy efficient. Double walled 18mm aluminium slats create energy efficient insulation using CFC free insulating foam. Of course security is important if you keep anything valuable in your garage, but insulation not only forms part of the thickness of your door, but also becomes essential to insulate your garage when you use it often or if your garage is connected to the house.

Our large range of electric garage doors are easy to operate and offer many advantages over manual models!

Our wide range of sectional and roller garage doors come in hundreds of finishes to match your style.

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Benefits of a remote controlled electric garage door

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High Level of Safety

Electric garage doors have an anti-drop safety brake system as standard and come supplied with a bottom rail safety edge which detects an obstruction whilst closing.


Electric garage doors are operated automatically using a remote control, meaning there’s no more manually lifting your garage door. If you’re in the car, you can use your remote fob to open and close it without getting out of the car.

Increased security

Automated doors are tougher to gain access to than a traditional garage door, as to access the garage you need to use the remote fob, which helps to deter thieves.

Choice of styles & sizes

Our electric garage doors are made to measure, which means you get the perfect fit for your garage, whatever the size. We offer a large range of sectional garage doors and roller doors in a variety of styles and colours.

Electric Garage Door FAQ,s

Can I still operate the door in the event of a power failure?

In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened and closed from the inside using the manual release mechanism. If your garage door is the only access into your garage, and you don’t have a pedestrian door we always suggest adding an external manual release. This allows you to access the garage from the outside in the event of a power failure.

Are electric operated garage doors safe?

Yes they are safe. Fitted with a safety edge detection system, this allows the garage door to stop and sometimes also reverse if obstacles are detected.

My current electric garage door isn't working properly, can you help?

We offer a full garage door repair service throughout Gateshead, Newcastle, Durham and Northumberland for all electric garage doors. Contact a member of our team to book your repair.

What is the difference between 55mm and 77mm slats?

55mm slats should be used for windows or when there is little room inside the garage for the box to sit that holds the roller slats. The compact, 55 mm slat door is specially designed for limited headroom situations where the 77mm slat door cannot be fitted.

The 77mm slats are 16-18mm thick and offer better security and enhanced insulation, whereas the 55 slats are only 6-8mm thick.

Are electric garage doors secure?

Yes, electric garage doors are designed with security in mind. They offer enhanced security features including a safety sensor system to detect obstructions.